It’s official. I got accepted into the EPIK Program! EPIK stands for the “English Program in Korea” and it’s a government sponsored program that recruits native English speakers from one of seven countries to teach English for the public school system. I have had a desire to teach English in Korea for several years now, but never made the move simply because I ended focusing on other things career wise. I came back full circle to the idea of teaching English in Korea this past summer when I took a deep look at where I was and asked myself, “Where do you want to be?” When I realized that I wasn’t where I wanted to be, nor was I positioned in a place that would catapult me to where I wanted to be, I had to make some serious decisions. I chose to revisit the idea of teaching in Korea, and just a few short months later, I’ve been accepted into the EPIK program.

This is special to me for several reasons. The first reason is because I have the opportunity to move to a country where my mom was born. Being a second generation (half) Korean-American born in the U.S., I’ve never got the chance to experience life in Korea. The second reason is that I get to explore my cultural heritage through immersion. That means I get to experience everything Korea has to offer! The third reasons is that I will get an opportunity to connect with many different people in Korea (natives and foreigners) and develop great relationships with them.

I’m looking forward to heading over to Korea soon and I’d love to invite you to come along with me for the journey!