If you’ve ever made the decision to be an English teacher in Korea, you know how big of a transition it is! I am very fortunate to have a strong family support system that will help me with the transition, as I still have about five months before I head over Korea! I’m documenting my entire journey as it unfolds in my “Journey to Korea” Vlog series and this fifth episode is very special for me! I get to introduce my family to you during my recent visit to North Carolina.
As a newer Youtuber and vlogger (but having been a “vlog junkie” for quite some time), I’m really starting to understand the importance of telling a story. In this vlog (as well as my other vlogs), I aim to tell a story with my footage and dialogue. In this particular video, I take you on a journey with me on my 3-day trip to North Carolina. I also give an update on what my transition plans are for the next few months as I’m gearing up to move to Korea.
My family consist of my Korean mother (who is now 할머니), my younger sister, her husband of 9 years, and their 2 children. My mother lives with my sister so that she could help raise her grandchildren. The missing piece of our family is my father, who was the greatest man I’ve ever known. We lost him to cancer 6 years ago, but his legacy will always remain with our family. You’ll see him pictured towards the beginning of the video.
I’m very happy to introduce my awesome and crazy family to you! I hope you enjoy this special vlog.