Just a little over two months and I’ll be in Korea! But for now, how about a Washington D.C. Vlog, yeah? Enjoy!
My transition period to Korea has officially started this week. To give some context, I currently live in the United States and will be moving to Korea in February 2018. This has always been something that Iโ€™ve wanted to do ever since I was a child, so itโ€™s an exciting time for me to see this actually play out in my life. Having resided in Palisades Park, NJ for the past five years, timing would have it best that I move back to North Carolina to be with my family before I make the big move.

This vlog is about my exodus from NJ and my super long trip to North Carolina. Because I decided to drive to Carolina (since I had a bunch of stuff that I needed to bring with me), I wanted to break up the long 9-hour drive by staying overnight at a midway point, which was Washington D.C. I found a decent hotel in the heart of downtown D.C., where I was just blocks away from many of the major national sights and memorials.

Though my time in D.C. was less than 24 hours, I was able to explore a bit and visit the White House and the Washington Monument. I was also able to capture a view of the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol building! Unfortunately, my time was limited (and so was the sunlight), but it was still fun. I end the vlog by opening up about five different things that I will miss about New Jersey, so be sure to watch until the end!