I started a project on my website last year which I called Talk Photography. I’ve since moved that project to a website with my name and it continues to grow as I interview and build on interviews and information on various creators of different genres of photography. I have plans to bring out video series showing all the steps of a photo project. In fact next week I will be shooting the first of those projects with a fellow photographer based here in Seoul, Korea.

After making my channel on YouTube I’ve yet to include those series but I thought at least I can vlog and discuss some of the previous interviews that I’ve done on my website. So that’s exactly what I did.

The very first interview that I did on my website was with a photographer here in Seoul, Scott Herder. Scott wanted to learn and do unique hyper lapse videos of his proposal and travels and later on for his wedding, after seeing another Hyper lapse online. He then began learning everything he could about how to photograph and bought himself his first DSLR camera. He started out simply and began to develop his skills through research, practice and repetition.

Something that he did that was really unique was he tried projects where he would follow a person traveling through a space. In most cases this was his girlfriend, now wife. And he did them as she walked through some very iconic places throughout Asia.

Scott’s now off to better, bigger things with his hyper lapse photography. We hope that you will check out the video. And of course check out the interview with Scott on our website.