It has been way too long since I posted a video but finals and my younger brother coming to Korea got in the way. Anyways time to pull out the old videos that I haven’t finished editing out of the way.

This is one of 3 cafe videos that I filmed while I was in Seoul on my last trip. Sara and I really wanted to visit some interesting cafes. After a lot of searching, we decided to try out some cool animal cafes. We wanted to see meerkats but this cafe didn’t have any. Thankfully it had other types of animals there instead. We were able to drink really amazing drinks and see some really cool animals. of course they weren’t all exotic. There were plenty of cats wondering around but we weren’t going to complain. We are huge cat fans (Both Sara and I have cats back home).

When we went up to the treehouse top place, we even got to see this really weird animal we have never seen before. Stupid me thought it was a cat until Sara started playing with it and realized it was 100% not a cat. He was so cute… whatever he was hahaha.
Anyways this was Table A cafe. It is a great quiet little cafe off on it’s own. If you aren’t into the loud, crowded cafes, I would recommend you come to this cafe. It was very laid back and comfortable to relax in. The animals are all super friends and love people. So if you have time, check this place out. Link in the bio~~ Thanks for watching~