Looking for videos of what to do in Korea? Check out my channel. I have videos on sight seeing sights, Korean products ranging from makeup to technology. I also have videos on being and English teacher in South Korea. Whether your curious about teaching at an English Acadmy or a public school, I have it all! Do you love Korean TV? Well I have an interview with Sam Okyere as well as other outings with him and friends! Ever wonder what the bathrooms and toilets looked like in Korea years ago? Visit the toilet museum and you will know for sure! This museum, Mr. Toilet’s House is located in Suwon.Toilets in the previous years of South Korea varied. It started somewhere with holes in the ground in little hay huts. Have you heard of the ddong (poo) pigs of Jeju? These pigs are famous. Can you guess what they eat? That’s right, they eat poo! Outhouses and pig stes were connected. The people would use the outhouse and the pigs would eat it at the bottom. Check out my video if you are curious before you head out for yourself!