In this video I visit the Suntory Yamazaki Distillery and did a whiskey tour / tasting in Kyoto Japan (サントリー山崎蒸留所 ウィスキーの飲酒, 京都). Reservations are required so I had to arrive at the dedicated time. From Kyoto Station (downtown) to the closed train station (Yamazaki) took about 15 minutes and the walk to the distillery took another 15 minutes. The walk from the station to the distillery allowed me to get some b-roll. I was only able to sign up for the history museum and the tasting because the tour was filled. While the history museum was fun, it was a bit boring so I ending up walking through to the tasting area. The area was a bit crowded and small and I ended up having to wait for a table. At the counter, you are presented with a tasting menu. Typical, the “most popular” is trying the three Yamazaki whiskey’s (Hakushu 18 year, Hibiki 18 year, Yamazaki 18 year) for a reasonable price. I read online (afterwards) you are only allowed to do one tasting so I don’t know if that’s true or not since I was allowed to do three rounds of tasting. I would highly recommend you try the Yamazaki 25 year which is 30 dollars per tasting but… I searched online for prices and this is marked about 1000 dollars per bottle. This Yamazaki 25 year has a unique flavor that I have never tasted before. For the rest, I recommend doing some research beforehand or wing and try some different samples.