TV entertainment has always played a huge role in people’s life, in every part of the world! Even though Hollywood is considered to be the larger-than-life symbol of the entertainment business, every country in the world has its equivalent.

Korea is not an exception. Korean movie and TV scene has been around for a while, but few recent years, together with the popularity of Kpop, brought it more recognition. Almost anyone you’d ask would know at least a bit about the Hallyu wave, including Korean dramas as well!

Being a very trendy society, Korea takes its dramas really seriously! If a TV show gets relatively popular in Korea, you can expect a new trend! Same thing happened with Mr. Sunshine! It is a drama telling a story from the early 1900s, when Korea has become a protectorate of Imperial Japan. The main characted is a Korean man raised in the US, who came back to the country 30 years later – this time as a foreign soldier.

As the drama was set in a very distinctive period, Koreans used it as a business opportunity – there are now dress rental shops, offering men and women gowns of that era and even a sort of a there park, allowing you to visit some of the iconic drama locations! Have you seen the Ikseon boutique in the centre of Seoul’s old town? Yes, it is all thanks to Mr. Sunshine.

Even though it is super easy to reach, we decided to take one step further and go somewhere even more special – Sunshine Land open film set in Nonsan!

Being known as a military city, Nonsan has never been a center of tourism, but with Sunshine Land being opened there, more and more people are visiting now.

The place is self is a medium-sizes movie set, where you can find some of the iconic locations in this drama and personally I think it might be used in the future, as a shooting location for other Korean dramas and movies! We visited Sunshine Land few weeks ago and we are sharing our experience with you! Enjoy!