Hi everyone! It’s time for another kpop album unboxing from Soul to Seoul! This time it is the first full studio from the JYP Entertainment idol band DAY6! Quite fittingly, the album is called Sunrise. All of this year so far they have been doing their “EveryDAY6” movement where they are releasing two songs per month on the 6th Day (or at least as close to the 6th day as possible). Two songs per month for six months equals 12 songs, plus they re-did their first two singles for the album also! (Congratulations, their debut song, and Letting Go, the first single after their their group lineup had changed) which means a total of 14 songs on the album.

Bar the two new songs for the month of June, these are all singles that fans of DAY6 would have heard but it was still great to support them further by purchasing the physical album as the most recent singles were all digital. For a Kpop album standard, it was pretty basic but thats what I really like about their albums. They have the CD in an actual CD case and only a few extras with them. This album contained two polariods, photobook and a entry card for a chance to win two tickets to their July concert plus a meet and greet session with the group (which I really want to win as it has been almost impossible to get a ticket to for the past two months!)

Ladies and gentlemen (and fellow MY DAYs!) please enjoy this video and support DAY6 with all of their future work!