In my latest vlog we went to Sinsa-Dong to go to the hair salon 라라요상, which belongs to Yo Sang (요상), a very talented hair stylist and hair maker. Sujin already had pretty long hair and wanted to get a modern short haircut, I was also not so happy with my current haircut, so we decided to go to Yo Sang and get our hairs down. Luckily (and because we know him for long time) he squizzed us into his packed schedule and took good care of both of us. Of course Sujins haircut took longer to be done, so i had a lot of time to shoot from various angels to get some cool shots for my vlog. It took over 3 hours for Sujin to be done, but of course it wasn’t just a haircut but also dyed her hair into a darker color. My haircut was done within 10-15 minutes i guess and i really like it. Usually i just wear a short haircut but Yo Sang convinced me to try out something new. And so far, everybody liked my new haircut. So if you are looking for a talented hair designer / hair stylist in Seoul, Lala Yo Sang / 라라요상 is definitely a must 🙂

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