I know there are many of you out there who have started learning or may want to start learning Korean. I think people would be surprised to learn about the many different sites I use to study Korean. I think it is quite important to find the perfect way for you to the get the most out of each site. I have found that by combining these different ways of studying, that it has drastically improved my learning. Having something that is quick access like an application is great to use when you have downtime. So, say you are waiting on your coffee at Starbucks. You can just pull up Duo Lingo or Memrise and practice while you wait. Those apps also allow you to have reminders sent to your phone, so you wonโ€™t forget to study again. The actual sites can be used at home and with CUK you can take tests and use that to gauge your overall learning. There are so many great sites out there that you can use, and I mention a few more in my video. I hope that you will check it out. I hope that you will also head to each site and bookmark them. Once you have a chance to decide which sites/apps you want to use to study with, then you must come up with an effective way to use them all. If you have any questions, feel free to leave your comments on the video, and Iโ€™d be more than happy to tell you exactly how I use every one of them. Thank you and enjoy~