My name is Don MacDonell. I’m a photographer living and doing photography in and around Seoul, South Korea. I got started in photography after coming to Korea when my wife was pregnant with our son so that she could be close to her family here. I’ve created a few different YouTube channels over the years, but I really love photography so I started pursuing it more so. I began a website which I still use now, (www.)donmacdonell(.com). I conducted interviews with interesting photographers that were doing amazing work and fascinating projects. This started to span to photographers from all over the world. I have had great conversation with them and have enjoyed interviewing them and learning more about the passion they have for their art. The whole goal behind that project was to provide ‘inspiration for the new generation of photographers around the world’, but not just the newer photographers, any photographer needing some inspiration and motivation to get back into creating amazing work. I have worked on these projects with them as well as my own projects, photoshoots, portraits, travel and street photography. I decided to put my effort into sharing these projects through a YouTube channel. I will begin project video series collaborating with photographers starting September as well as make videos based on my own street photography, photoshoots and other good stuff. I made a sweet and quick video here about some street photography in a very small town close to my work place, that I did after finishing one late afternoon- almost evening. I had fun piecing together some clips from my action cam and sharing some of the work. It was more of a practice run, the photographs are not any kind of remarkable street, nevertheless I hoped to share it with you. Your input is worth a lot to me as well.