Hey, all! 😀

Here is a video I’ve just uploaded for my #REDCUPSERIES ep5. – (REDCUPSERIES; is my way of giving advice and chit chatting with my viewers about my thoughts or suggested topics). In my latest video, I discuss tips about taking control of your emotions, especially on social media platforms. I find that so many people struggle to have power when it comes to their feelings. Yes, life is a roller-coaster full of twists and turns but to master emotions is a skill that can change your life for the better! I also highlight the power of speaking things into existence because this plays a huge part. The words you speak into your life and the words you let others speak unto your life will create your reality. I am a very careful person when it comes to my life and how I let others affect me. It’s definitely a process to have full control over how you feel but if you practice every day, you’ll eventually get there. Like I say to my students, “Practice makes perfect” or in this case, “practice makes permanent!” towards the end of the video I share my views and advice for current or future content creators to have MORE control of their channels. The Internet is full of trolls that feel powerful behind a computer screen so I want to encourage you to grab the steering wheel back! It is your platform so you shouldn’t tolerate things you wouldn’t tolerate face to face. This may not be for everyone but I hope you all enjoy this video – It was something that I felt I needed to talk about. Fingers crossed it helps at least ONE person. Like, comment, subscribe and share if you can. It’ll be appreciated. Thanks, guys!