What up YouTube!?!?!?!?! I’M SUPER EXCITED TODAY!!!!
Got up close and personal with Steph Curry during his visit to Seoul Korea! This was for his Asia Under Armor Tour. This was a shock surprise from my friend! He invited me into the media area to get close and experience seeing Steph Curry real close! I was so surprised because I didn’t think I would even see him let alone get close to him to take some pictures. The buildup for him coming was a big marketing push. Every day on my Facebook feed there was information on when he will be coming and how to meet him and contests and everything. There was a contest for posting a picture to the Under Armor Facebook page and whoever gets the most likes they will pick the top 100 to meet face to face with Steph Curry. I even tried to compete in this competition but it’s almost impossible and I didn’t get picked 🙁 Then there was another way to meet him where you have to buy at least 50,000 won worth of merchandise from the Under Armor store in Gangnam in order to get a lottery ticket for a CHANCE to be picked to meet Steph Curry. How slim are those chances?!?!?! Obviously I didn’t do that but I was highly tempted. ANYWAYS!!!! I still got up close and personal with Steph and Seth Curry and I’m just satisfied with that. He is probably one of the biggest NBA superstars to have visited Korea. I’ve seen Dwight Howard a few years ago but the crowds weren’t that big for him. Also John Wall came a couple years ago but I didn’t see him. Especially after just winning the NBA 2017 Championship, Steph Curry is the biggest NBA superstar I’ve seen in person ever!