Hi guys, spring is finally here in Korea and it’s getting less and less cold. So here are three outfits that I put together in this quick streetwear trends spring lookbook. Outfit one is my last minute layering before summer sets in. I paired a simple hoodie from Bind with a longline t-shirt decorated with white paint on the hem from Byther. This adds nice detailing to a simplistic outfit. and recently I’ve been obsessed with face masks in korea too. They’re supposed to be used for medical purposes but they’re also used here for fashion and i’m in love with them. Outfit two is a lot simpler and I added these block hand painted denim from H&M that I diyed. I love them and they really add a nice pop of color for the spring and I definitely intend on wearing them for the summer too. I paired them with this unique silhouette sweater from the Korean based fashion label Ader error. I love this brand as they attempt to share their own vision of clothing, specifically the cut, color and silhouette. They offer a post gender and uncommon vision. And finally outfit three is all black, which is basically my go to look and i definitely won’t be shying away from it even as the summer approaches. I just got some plain black denim and matched up with a GCDS sweater with red stripes on one arm. And this little accent added a nice pop of red. The sweatpants are from Wonderplace and striped sweatpants are huge right now. I’m really loving the casual look with the fitted shirt. It adds a nice juxtaposition to the whole outfit. And I finally managed to pick up a black cap. I actually found it so difficult to find one that actually fit my head for so long lol. Anyways, hope you enjoy the lookbook guys! Make sure to like and subscribe for more videos related to fashion, diys, vlogs or other lifestyle related content based in South Korea.