Hey everyone!

Hey guys, back this week with a new a men’s spring wear lookbook. Spring is nearly over now, and I’m pretty upset about it but whatever. So for this video I’ve put four spring inspired outfits together. If you’ve seen my last few videos, you’ll know I’ve been trying to incorporate thrifted pieces into my outfits. I wanna save money, it’s kinder to the earth and just more ethical all round. But in Korea, it’s not the easiest to go thrifting. When I do go thrifting, I struggle to find stores that cater to my style and actually fit me. And usually when I find my size, it’s totally not my style (아저씨 style) and vice versa. So it’s honestly such a s struggle in Korea. So I gravitate to online shopping because the options are soooo much better.

So for the first outfit I paired my favorite thrifted item, the varsity jacket with a simple maroon polo, black skinnies and a pair of converse. I liked this look. It was casual and comfy.

In the second outfit I got this mega oversized thrifted hoodie with weird sleeves (they’re super tight/short in comparison to the entire hoodie) and paired it again with black skinnies and red nike’s for a pop of color.

For the third outfit I wanted much more of a fuccboi/hypebeast look. And paired all my REAL vetements pieces LOL (they’re fake af). So I threw together my titanic hoodie, longline tee with a bandana underneath, striped sweatpants and my DIY nikes. It was a little much but I liked it.

The final outfit was the most suited for the approaching summer. I wore a longline yellow sweater with DIY denim jeans and DIY comme des garcons x converse. I feel like the whole outfit screams summer.

Anyways, that’s it. If you liked the video make sure to like, subscribe, comment and give me your money lol jk. I make lookbook, diy, hair and lifestyle related content based in south korea.