Days are getting warmer here in Seoul and when is the best time to date if not spring?

Since last wednesday it was a day off in Korea, we have decided to go on a spontaneous date and took our camera with us. It turned out great and even though we did not speak much in our amateur “vlog” (if we could call it like that) we thought it could serve as a nice date course suggestion for people who are looking for what tp do in Seoul and decided to share it with everyone.

We have visited 3 places that day.
Children’s Grand Park, which offers its visitors a free Zoo and a lot of space to hang out regardless of your age and interests. Everyone – couples, families, tourists and even elderly people can enjoy this park, especially now, when weather is getting better.

After that we went to a Viva Salon cafe and got our impressive Cookie Monster Lattes, that are now really popular on Korean social media. If you’re going there as a couple make sure to bring your camera or smartphone with you, so you can get that one perfect snap for your instagram 😉 So did I.

Last spot in our date was Cheonggyecheon street, where a lantern festival to celebrate upcoming Buddha’s birthday was held. We already were quite tired at this point, so we just chilled out for few hours without taking too many video footage, but regardless if there is a festival held or the stream it just as it is, it is a good spot to relax after a long and tiring day.

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