Exploring the Korean Food Culture is really one of my favorite things these days. And also by eating out with friends I am learning so many new things about Korean food and drinking. Also this time, where I met my friend Sharoon from Pakistan and we went together to Mullae to eat some local speciality, pork bulgogi with rice (돼지불고기 / 돼지불고기백반)! Sharoon challenged me to eat one portion of Pork Bulgogi (in Korean it is called “Ssam / 쌈” and we had to make the portion for each other. I tried to make an eatable version but Sharoon created some kind of “leafy burger”. So I failed to eat it with one bite (한입만) and Sharoon won! This one bite (한입만) became famous because of some Korean comedians on TV, the show is called “Tasty guys” starring 유민상, 김준현, 김민경 and 문세윤! It was a fun food challange, I hope to beat Sharoon next time.

Besides that we speak about our most favorite Korean food and also about Aegyo. It was really a fun mukbang and I am happy Sharoon could join me on that one.

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