Hello friends and fellow travelers,
So in this video, I don’t go on crazy adventures but my friend Angela aka BostLife and I do something even crazier! We decided to do the popular Spicy Ramen Challenge that a lot of YouTubers have done but yet unable to complete! Can Angela and I be the first ones to actually complete this challenge? So to start off, I bought two different brands to make this challenge…well a challenge haha. The first one, the hottest and spiciest that E-mart carries called Samyang Foods Buldak Bokkeummyeon and the second one, Paldo Volcano Curry Kkokkomyun, a delicious curry flavored ramen that will leave a hole in your stomach. Also, the other rule was, we could not drink any liquids. Angela and I did awesome with the first ramen. In fact, it was not a challenge at all (sarcasm). By the time we finished the first bowl, I think I was sweating up a waterfall and my mouth was literally on fire. By the time we go to the second brand, the 5 packages that we cooked up…Let’s say it didn’t go too well as I had hoped haha. If you want to see what happens to us, stay till the very end! I want to say I had a pleasure eating alongside Angela, she made the whole challenge find and exciting! By the way, please share this video! With enough likes and subscribers added which the number is within the description, I will be doing a giveaway contest. 10 lucky followers will be getting a pack of 5 to try on their own!