Hola a todos, ¿qué tál? ¿cómo han estado?
Soy Lina del canal ‘Lina Woo’.
Hello, nice to see you all again! How have you been?
This is Lina from the channel Lina Woo. I’ve come back with maybe the most resquested video these days, and it is about North Korea.

Yes, North Korea.
I think this could be the most interesting topic for those of you who want to visit the country soon or are planning for a trip to Korea.
Well, unfortunately, I guess we Koreans don’t really know if the war is really going to happen or not. But we can tell you how we feel about the situation.

The subscribers were asking me how I feel about the situation and if I am okay, so I went out to the streets.
(This video is available in Spanish and Korean. English subtitles only in questions yet but soon to be uploaded.)

The reason why I’ve decided to do an interview was that if only I say my opinion on my video it can just be one personal opinion.

So despite the fact that I’ve never talked to strangers randomly on the streets (unless it’s asking for directions, something urgent…!) , I decided to ask some of the people in the streets of Gangnam.

First I was a little bit shy but felt it was a good idea to do this interview because I learned how people genuinely think about the situation, and also about how they would willingly go and be a help for the country if the war happens.

The best scenario is peace, and everyone wanted that of course. I don’t know if the subscribers could get an idea of how dangerous is Korea now, but at least they would know how we feel about the situation a bit.

If you are staying in Korea right now, how do you feel? Do you feel safe? Or are you already searching for flights?
I’m curious how you would feel too. 🙂

Thank you for reading and also thank you for watching the video.
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