As fairly many people already know, in South Korea, a lot of women obsess over looking pretty and getting plastic surgery and staying put together all the time are considered a norm. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Korea is a society plagued by a rampant lookism.

I am a South Korean myself, born and raised, and in this video I share my experience growing up as a girl in South Korea, which involves insecurity about my look, getting double eyelid plastic surgery, and suffering from severe skin problem, and how all of these experiences, as physically and emotionally challenging as they were, helped shape my character as a more confident and strong woman. Most importantly, I share the life lesson and wisdom I learned about what it means to be truly beautiful that I hope would resonate with many people in the world, especially girls who are suffering from same issues I used to have.

It’s about my personal story, but at the same time, it’s about all of us. They say, “What is most personal is most universal.” I took the courage to share my personal story, wishing people could be reminded that whatever environment we live in, whether it be Hell-Joseon like Korea or the happiest country in the world like Denmark, we all as an individual go through some sorts of challenges, life problems and sufferings. However, it is totally up to us whether we are going to complain about them for the rest of our life and stay depressed, or proactively decide to make those experiences a turning point and start leading a happier, more fulfilling life.