So Overwhelmed!

If you missed our big announcement it’s HERE. We had such a big response to our pregnancy announcement and it was very overwhelming! In a very positive way! We wanted to make a video thanking everyone and also answer a few questions. This is one of our podcast style videos where you can just listen to it in the background rather than having to watch every moment.
We have some ultrasound footage to show. Often the fathers-to-be don’t get to see the ultrasounds in person, only the photos later, so we’ve been really lucky that Hugh can be with me during all this and we can watch our baby together.
The question about names is one that comes up a lot and we have to find one that can be said by both Korean native speakers and English native speakers. There are many Korean names that are too hard for English speakers and many names too hard for Korean speakers.
Hugh also shows the new book he bought that is an encyclopedia for pregnancy/childbirth/baby. It’s all in Korean and a Korean level too high for me, so he HAS to read it and learn. He is very excited to be a father for the first time.
We are really happy that we have finally been able to share the news with everyone as it’s difficult to keep a secret for many months. We hope in the future we can show how we manage being an intercultural family and raising a child with 2 cultures and 2 languages.
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