Have you ever tried Korean traditional dress – Hanbok? If you are living in Korea or have been involved in Korean culture at least for a short period of time, I am pretty sure you have tried it at least once or if you have not tried it on yet, you at least do know how does it look like.

Even though our channel is a couple channel, sometimes we are going to upload videos in which one one us might not appear. Even though we are married couple, we think that having some personal space and different schedules is also necessary in order to maintain a healthy relationship. This is why last week we have uploaded a make-up video from Agata and this week it is something special from Gyu.

As some of you might already know, Gyu is working as a videographer and even though the main focus of his business is related to Korean weddings, sometimes he is working on the dofferent grounds as well.

Few weeks ago Gyu waa lucky enough to work with a client, who is a dancer, performing Korean traditional dances to the public. She was participating in a picture contest, where she wanted to show the beauty of a Korean national dress, also known as Hanbok.

Even though initially it waa supposed to be a photoshoot, Gyu decided to get creative and record some video footage as well. We were allowed to share it on our channel, so here it is!

Even though usually Gyu is not willing to upload his actual work on our personal Youtube channel, but this time we gave it a try! What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments! 🙂