The second video from my family’s trip to Korea for my wedding! We finished the Chuseok celebration in Ganghwa-do and headed back into Seoul! My family really wanted to try Korean chicken because I am always so hype about it haha. They ended up liking it a lot! My mom got fitted into her beautiful wedding hanbok that matched with my mother-in-law! They looked so beautiful and I can’t wait to show the footage from our actual wedding day!! Later I took my parents to the main palace in Seoul for a tour (my dad was majorly hungover haha). We did a lot of other things that day such as trying bingsu, and hanging out downtown but I couldn’t film it all. Later, I met up with my exchange student friends from 2012!! So many of them came to my wedding! It was truly unbelievable! I also had a good friend come from Canada :D. In this video there is also a bit of footage from the final wedding preparation (hair dying, collecting some items) and also a short clip from our visit to a raccoon cafe. I really miss my family already! I am so happy they could come see me all the way in Korea. I am lucky I grew up in such a warm family atmosphere, where we often hung out and spoke to each other. For me the hardest thing about living in Korea is not being able to see them as often as I used to. Because of this, editing the footage brought out a lot of feelings! I hope they can come explore Korea with me again <3 and I hope you enjoy watching the footage!