Everyone and their mama is trying to audition for Show Me The Money 6 so I figured why not. Actually I’m not a rapper nor do I watch the show so I did the easiest and most simple rap I could do lol. I do alot of hip-hop covers and I’ve made one real song but I still don’t consider myselft a rapper. I just like being creative, and music is just one of the many ways to showcase creativity. Several of my subscribers and followers suggest that I audition for the show but I have absolutely no reason to…. I don’t write my own lyrics so how could I come up with a song on the fly ON AIR?? I don’t have a passion for rapping so if I just so happen to get on the show and go up against real rappers who have a passion, I would look like an idiot. Unless MNet gives me a deal where I’m secretly being given rap lyrics to memorize and act like I’m actually trying my best on the show lol. But that is a long shot. Anyways this is just satire.