Hey guys, back this week with a new vlog in Korea. I still love doing vlogs. It’s such a fun way to catalogue your life rather than constantly making fashion related content. . I feel like maybe I should just vlog snippets of my life rather than just whole days, but I’m not entirely sure how I want it to be.

So for the past few weeks I’ve been leaving my house a lot more than usual which is unusual for me. I’m usually hibernating every weekend. I suffer pretty badly from IBS and that dictates how often and when I feel comfortable to leave my apartment. It sucks, but that’s life. I went to Times Square in Seoul and surprisingly I didn’t feel sick at all. My main goal was A-Land. As they sell Korean-ish fast fashion similar to Wonderplace. It’s affordable (just bought a cap for 39,000won lol) and trendy. I also shot part of my spring lookbook on the rooftop. It was a fun day and great not to be feeling sick.

Then the next week I shot the second part of my lookbook and took some time-lapses around the city that I live in. I really wanted to up my vlogging game to make it more interesting for people to watch as I’m kind of boring and awkward af on camera. Then that evening I felt sick and had to bail out on my plans with friends to go to Bupyeong the next day. The following week I made it to Bupyeong. I wanted to pick up some pieces for spring in the Bupyeong underground shopping mall. But I literally couldn’t find anything appropriate for spring. Most of the shops were still selling winter wear for men. I literally picked up nothing as I was kinda disappointed. Then we went to a restaurant. And it was literally so bad. I ordered tomato pasta and it was covered with pepper. My other friend ordered risotto and it was the worst risotto I’ve ever seen. It was literally slop. The rice was swimming in a sea of sauce and cheese. Then I went home and tried to eat some Nattō なっとう. The smell was unique and the taste was pretty intense.

Anyways, that’s it. Make sure to SMASH the like button (lol) and subscribe! I’m a menswear youtuber based in South Korea. And I mainly specialize in lookbooks, diys, hauls and vlogs.