Whaaa??? Oreo cereal??? Exclusive to Korea??? Whaaa???
What’s going on you guys, Garren your YouTube vlogger here in Korea. Here I’m updating my plans for the summer. Yes, it’s probably my last big plans before going back to work. Can you guess where I’m going? If you guessed Hawaii, YOU’RE CORRECT! We will be off to Hawaii soon so I had to go shopping for something that was unique to Korea to give out as gifts to my friends. Yes, Oreo O’s are back and they are the exclusive cereal here in Korea. Why? I have no idea. Can’t wait to give it out and see my friends reactions.
Also I give a brief update on our plans for the summer. Yes, we will be off to Hawaii and I can’t wait! This time we will be visiting other islands such as Maui and The Big Island and Oahu. We’ve got lots planned so subscribe for more adventures in Hawaii!!!
This summer has been amazing! To kick off, I got to see Steph Curry! Didn’t think for a chance that I would see him but luck played a role in that and I won! Then I had the chance to go to the annual Water Gun Festival! The greatest thing to do in the summer! It’s what I wait for every year! Then I also received my Acton Blink S Board. That thing is a beast! Then I had some amazing BBQ Chicken skewers just near my apartment. THEN on top of all that, I still had to teach summer camp at my school. Since I would be traveling to Hawaii, I taught them all about Hawaii. We made spam musubi’s, danced the hula, and learned the “Fish and Poi” song with signs.
What an amazing summer! And it isn’t over yet!!! Off to Hawaii we go! More to come! Stay SUBSCRIBED!!!