Long time, no see but finally, I am back with a brandnew vlog! This time I had the pleasure of shooting a short documentary for the Korean TV station KBS, which was aired on the 30. January 2018! The documentary was called „G-10 특집 다큐 오케이 평창, 웰컴 대한민국“ / „G-10 documentary. Okay Pyeongchang, Welcome Korea.“ Together with my old friend Timo we teamed up with Christian Burgos (크리스티안 부르고스), which most of you will know from the famous foreigner show Non-Summit (비정상회담)! It was really, really fun to shoot with Christian Burgos, he is really a chill and easy going character and great to work with! Together with KBS we went to Gangneung (강릉), where we explored the city by bus, went to the Anmok Beach (안목해변), eat lots of delicious Korean food and went to the fish festival, where we had really lots of fun with the snow boat. And yes, the fear was REAL, the snow boat driver enjoyed putting us at the limit 😛 If you want to see the whole documentary, which was aired on KBS, I suggest you to google „G-10 특집 다큐 오케이 평창, 웰컴 대한민국“, where you will find plenty of sites hosting the show. For some bloopers and funny moments, you can check out my vlog of course 🙂

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