“How Important is sex before getting into a committed relationship?” was the question for my new interview. I decided to do this topic because many people do it but sometimes reluctant to talk or discuss about it. Especially in Asian countries talking about Sex in public is considered a bit rude.

However I took the courage and took the risk. Itaewon is a perfect place to interview people, since there you could meet people from every other race, ethnicity, background, color, religion etc.

Everyone that was willing to interview talked after hearing the question didn’t hesitate to talk about it. There were different views on that. Most of the people thought it is very important to have sex before committing to someone. Since to them it was a life time thing. There were people who thought physical aspect is important but not the most important thing.

Even this interview is done in a very light mood and fun but at the end I hope this interview help us to think and discuss to form a better relationship with our significant other. Which ultimately could lead to a very healthy and loving society.

I would really appreciate that if you could participate in the discussion about you guys think and how do you feel about these topics. These interviews are not to make fun of others but yet I want to do it in a funny way so that it’s not boring yet something that could bring more curiosity and raise questions.