Seoul Tube is an event for Youtubers and their viewers to meet, connect and hang out together!
It is usually held once a year and everytime it is growing bigger and bigger 🙂

As Youtube newbies we were glad to attend it for the first time. Even though we are still too small and too shy to call ourselves creators, we decided to join and look around.

Even though we were hesistant to come up to people and talk to them for the first time (since nobody knows us anyway), we had a great time meeting those we already know and some more nice people, who were kind enough to come up to us and start the converstation!

Pretty sure, next time we might be the ones to start coverstations witho other shy newbies, just like many kind people did to us this time.

Unfortunately, we could not get much footage this time, but you’ve got to work with what you’ve got, so we are finally releasing our short SeoulTube vlog-type video!

Huge thanks to Youtubers in Korea community and SBA for letting this happen. Thanks to Alex and Mika, who were amazing hosts! Thanks to Yoojin, for taking many beautiful pictures! Thanks to Nancy, for keeping us company and makig it less awkward! And thanks everyone, who interacted with us and were kind regardless of how small we are! 🙂

We were both not able to go to the afterparty, so no footage from there!

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Gyu and Agata