Alright here is a new post. This one has ybeen a long time coming, actually I shot it back in summer but since I have not had any time to edit what with all the travelling and whatnot here it is. This is the Seoul TRICKEYE Museum located in Hongdae. I went with my friend Kasy and it was a blast. Actually we didnt pay anything because we are both youtubbers. I used to youtube quite frequently but since I have been living in Korea for 6 years I feel like I have pretty much made a video on every topic and food there is, so I dont want to repeat myself. Quite surprised I didnt make a video about htis one before. It is one of the few places that I actually recommend people to go to. Do you know dokdo? No of course not, nobody does – I guess I should make a trip to go over there someday soon. I hear it is quite popular with Koreans? How do I know that? Probably because all of them tell me about it. Anyways, I dont like churros. There are many various museums in Seoul but you should consider making trickeye one of the higher priorities. The number of photos you can take is impressive and having lots of memorable moments is always important. I have taken many friends and they have always enjoyed it. If I were to recommend anything else then it would be ihwa mural village near hyehwa, there is also a video about that. Do you know kkangpungi? It is one of those much lesser known foods. It it is actually very delicious. Anyone would enjoy eating some and you can get good ones at hingkon banjum, a very common restaurant especially in Seoul city.