So, I pretty much stopped making Korean videos in English a while back and my old channel is now in Spanish, but I have also been working on a new Youtube channel where I am focusing most of my energy and time on. It’s about photography in Korea, so no more food or travel stuff and instead I focus on photospots, different neighborhoods worth shooting, where to print, develop film, etc stuff like that. Some gear and filming tutorials as well. Anyways, here is a small collection of my photography. As always I am always up to collab with people, despite the fact I haven’t really updated my old Korea channel so much. So here is a collection of my street photography in Korea. The subscriber count is very slow to go up but I guess that it is just a matter of time, after all I barely started this channel not so long ago, but I wish it would hurry up and catch up to the old one. I don’t regret starting a new channel because I get lots of traffic income, people buying prints, offering me jobs, photography companies contacting me as well as TV stations, etc. So even though it isn’t the size of my previous channel, feels good making content that I like and not being a tool for the Korean government’s tourism: