Last week Wednesday was Wiz Khalifa’s first concert in Seoul and I was there! MixMag korea organized Seoul Sessions, a day long concert / festival in Seoul. Honestly, I didn’t know half of the people in the line-up but I was pleasantly surprised. We started the day off a bit late and arrived at 3PM and after waiting in line to change our ticket to a MIXMAG card we joined the party at 4 PM right on time to watch DPR LIVE, after which was a performance off BILL STAX (VASCO) who performed together with GENIUS NOCHANG and CJAMM.
After this we decided to grab some food. There were many food trucks lining the festival area but we decided to grab some Japanese. Payment was made easier with the MIXMAG cards so you didn’t have to fumble around with cash or wait for your change. We also grabbed some drinks as lines weren’t too long yet and enjoyed Club Chevals set.
Another pleasant surprise was JOYRYDE who made the crowd move, us included. We danced to much it felt like my feet were going to fall off. We wanted one more drink before the big names showed up so we got into lines for the drinks which was a mistake. There were apparently problems with the payment methods and we stood in line for 1,5 hours making us miss BEWHY and ZICO.
Thankfully we got our drinks in time for us to get back to the stage area to watch the headliner WIZ KHALIFA. He was absolutely amazing and made everything worth it! He radiated happiness while performing and he really knew how to interact with the crowed without too much talking.
If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of his concert or a hiphop festival like this in Korea I would 100% recommend because it is so worth the money.