Hello everyone! Do you know that there are many various fairs cobstantly are being held in COEX convention and exhibition center in Seoul? Many people know COEX Mall and go there for either shopping or looking around, but the exhibition center should be something you should not miss as well!

This week me and Gyu have decided to go to Seoul Living design fair which was held in the beforementioned exhibition hall early March this year!

Actually, we went to the same one last year as well, but back then we did not film a video. Also, I feel like even both of those fairs were organised the same way, they were completely different.

Last year they had so many decor design items and this year household items and practical things took over. Even though we could not visit all of the booths, we have visited the ones we wanted the most. I even bought a cute cactus candle in the booth of Gyeonggi corporation, which ended up being one of my favorites and Gyu decided to try his luck and got a lucky box from french porcelain booth. We were quite lucky to get plates and cup, which were more than double value of what we paid.

The was also a Lithuanian booth! They were selling lineb products, but we were not that happy with the prices and ended up just looking around there.

We also made some friends by accident, which made our experience even better! If you ever jave a chance to visit COEX make sure to check out what kind of exhibitions they have and check them out!