The Seoul Lantern Festival (서울빛초롱축제 2018) is celebrating its 10th anniversary! In this video, we check out some amazing paper lanterns that are displayed along the Cheongyeocheon stream. We also look at some of the amazing street food that is offered at the festival, including my personal favorite winter street food: 계란빵, or egg bread.
The Seoul Lantern Festival ran from November 2 – 18, 2018. It is an annual event with a different theme each year. This year celebrated Seoul’s past, present, and future. Spectators were able to see a variety of lanterns including traditional Korean weddings, music, as well as famous landmarks such as Seoul Station and N Seoul Tower.
A festival isn’t a festival without food, right! ‘Tastes Seoul Good’ loves checking out great festival food! Therefore, we check out some simple Korean street food. Egg bread is a simple and cheap snack that combines a soft and sweet bread with a baked and savory egg on top. It is the perfect treat for a cold winter day!
We also check out how to make your own paper lantern. This was a fun event that makes for a great memory. I created a paper lantern, and lit a candle in it. I then floated it down the stream. Legend has it that doing this will cause the wish to come true. Fingers crossed!
Korea has a variety of festivals held throughout the year. The lantern festival is one of my personal favorites as the lanterns are truly spectacular. If you are traveling to Seoul in the Autumn, this is something you should check out! It is a family-friendly activity that you will surely enjoy!