Seoul, Korea: Lantern Festival 2017

The 2017 Seoul Lantern Festival is in full swing along the famous Cheonggyecheon Stream. This year’s festival celebrates the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Korea. The entrance to the Lantern Festival features the Olympic mascot, Sooharang, the Protector White Tiger, and the Paralympic mascot, Bandabi, the Asian Black Bear representing strength and courage. Both Sooharang and Bandabi are shown as valiant competitors in the lanterns along the stream displaying the different competitions!

One of our favorite things about the Olympics is the sense of pride and nationalism each country celebrates as their athletes compete. You can see our excitement as we chant, “USA, USA!” We are fortunate enough to attend the Olympics in February, attending men and women’s hockey, half pipe snowboarding, figure skating, and ski jumping. We expect to represent our country well and cheer our athletes to victory at the same time making friends with the citizens of the world!

However the Yin to the Yang is a sense of unity among countries. We recognize that it is through peace and cooperation that the nations’ elite can come together and compete. The Lantern Festival highlights this spirit with lanterns representing a number of countries like the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, and China.

The Lantern Festival runs from November 3rd through November 19th at the Cheonggyecheon Stream in Seoul. The lanterns are illuminated between 5 PM and 8 PM. Ordinarily, people could enter the 1.2 km stream at any point. However, during the festival it is recommended that you begin at the entrance closest to Cheonggyecheon-ro and Sejong-daero. Look for the large Christmas tree sculpture in the Cheonggye Plaza!
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