Last weekend was the Seoul Jazz Festival, a major two day music event in Korea’s Calendar and one of the first in the year heralding the outdoor music season. Due to the nature of festivals I really wanted to go to several last year but couldn’t as I had no-one to go with (plus at that point, I couldn’t really afford it either)

This year’s line up included the likes of Lauryn Hill, Jessie J, Epik High, Nell, Roy Kim Heize and DAY6 to name but a few, all over the respective two days. My friend (and soon to be Soul To Seoul Korean subtitler!) and I went on the Sunday because I really wanted to see Jessie J live again (the last time I saw her in London it was a revelation) and I am also a huge fan of the idol group DAY6 so any excuse to see them is a bonus!

The venue itself was located at the Olympic Park in South East Seoul with four distinct zones where the music artists were going to be performing. What surprised me was that the park itself was not closed off like how I experienced other festivals to do but instead the areas around the venues were still open to the public (as the Olympic Park is still a major area for individuals to come and practice sports or to just relax with friends). We frittered around different locations to see the artists we really wanted to see (as shown in the video) and in between enjoyed a nice picnic to ourselves (though I did get attacked by a rouge spider)

All in all, a wonderful experience – Koreans Festivals are certainly different to those that I have experienced in the UK, both in content and in overall atmosphere. I would love to check out a couple more this year if I can!… depending on the artists, of course!