So – one of the things i wanted to do is try to show people where to take some pictures around Korea. Well in this case Seoul. Anyways, first stop is cafe C-through in Noksapyeong. Wanted to try the creme art but as I found out – you need to do a two week in advance book. Second – I find a nice spot at Seoullo where you can get a good vantage point and view of the entire thing. Pretty easy access so far. The final destination is actually the trick eye museum. There is alot to do there, so no problem finding good instagram photos. There are also Korea subtitles. My channel used to be more foodie centered and also much more touristy focused. But now I am focusin on trying to make it revolve around photography. Since everyone and their mothers has a smart phone now – I thought that these kinda videos could be useful. Also do you know Dokdo? Dokdo is some island in the east sea that the Japanese like to claim but actually belongs to Korea. Korea number one. Also Kpop is the best, I love it. Actually not so much, unfortunately I try to keep kpop out of my videos – though people keep asking me which music plays in the background, unfortunately I do not know such things. but if anyone out there is reading this and comes across one of those comments in my videos, please let me know. Well – please reply to the comment to let them know. Thank you so much for watching and for reading this far. My previous channel name was ROK On! but I felt like changing it. Now the only videos I keep the brand rok on are the ones I do in spanish. Yup, I do spnaish videos too – and the English ones have Korea subtitles