Hey everyone!

Cedric and I are diving into different topics on our channel, and this one has been one of the most interesting ones for me to talk about, both on and off camera: Why we think the time is now to quit our stable jobs and start taking more risks in YouTube and in the entertainment field in Korea. There are so many changes that we think we needed (and still need) to do to keep up with the fast-changing YouTube landscape, and we just wanted to talk about some of those changes with the people who were interested in it.

What is the future of YouTube? Where do we see ourselves in this system?

One of my favorite topics, specifically, is where I think Seoul COULD play a role in the development of YouTube Asia for English content. There are so many talented people in Korea, but the content we’ve been producing just isn’t quite to the level that we see out in LA. How do we change that? How do we get that? And how do we start getting people to look out to Seoul and Korea as the new “LA of Asia” in terms of YouTuber content.

We all have a lot of questions about what we need to do to become successful in YouTube, specifically successful as YouTubers filming and living in Korea. Personally, I’m hoping we go beyond the “YouTube algorithm hates me” excuses and start planning on how we need to change to survive the future landscape of YouTube in the coming years.

Overly optimistic? Probably. But for those who know me, that’s just how I am.

Cheers, all the best, and good luck to us all as we continue to build the YouTube community out here in Korea.

~ Alex