Being a YouTuber abroad brings, and has brought, so many opportunities to me and my friends. I have met so many new people who are also part of the YouTube community. It has become a very enjoyable hobby. I hope to turn it into a source of income at some point, but for now, I will just have fun making videos and sharing with the world my adventures. During my time in Korea I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful woman, Nathalie. She is also a fellow YouTuber. Her channel is @FabulousNat and @TravelingNat. There was a contest that was advertised recently that my sister, Nathalie, and I entered. Unfortunately my sister and I did not make it to the next round, but Nathalie did!
My sister and I are now living through Nathalie as she goes through the process of winning this contest! First place price, I think, is two-million won. Second place prize is something around 1.5 million won plus a mini ipad. I am not sure what third place prize is. Nathalies first assignment is to make a video on top fives of something in Seoul. Her video is on the top five eating experiences in Seoul. So, on Saturday, my sister and I met Nathalie in Seoul to help her shoot her video! We had a total of 3 cameras and other equipment. It was a long and busy day! We had tea, ate street food and a few other things! (Check out the video to see what else we did!) Although it was a lot of work, it was so much fun spending time together with my family and friend, and helping my friend win a contest! Please keep an eye out for TravelingNat videos, as I will be sharing them! The higher the views and the more viral the video goes, will give her a better chance at winning!