We recently took a trip to Seoraksan National Park on the east side of Korea, just a 20 minute drive from Sokcho. If you’re looking for something fun and outdoorsy for the fall season, this is the place you want to check out. There’s a wide range of trails to choose from that make the park accessible to all levels of hikers. You can sightsee at the temple, hike to the top of the mountain (see all the way to Sokcho on a clear day), stroll alongside beautiful waterfalls, chill by the river or just enjoy the calm you can’t always find in the big city. If hiking isn’t your thing, you can even opt to take the cable car up the mountain! And for those hardcore climbers out there, this is definitely your playground!

There are plenty of restaurants and few cafes to choose from inside the park. I’d suggested wandering into the park (past the giant statue of Buddha and across the bridge) for the most unique coffee shop and tea house experience. If you get there in the calm of the morning you may get the chance to enjoy your coffee with Buddhist monks, too.

In the upcoming weeks as the leaves start to change colors, I can only imagine this place becoming an autumn wonderland and the most amazing city escape! If you want to stay nearby, there are plenty of pensions to choose from within walking distance to the park or for even more options you could stay in Sokcho (20 min drive away).

Happy hiking!