Sup my Soul Fam! Today I delved once again into the deep recesses of the fandom culture and had a go at the Innisfree x Wanna One Poster Event that was happening all over Korea. As 11 member group Wanna One (from the second season of Produce 101) became official promoters of the Innisfree brand today was the start of a special promotion that they were doing where for every 10,000 won you spend in store you received a free poster (or “bromide” as they call them here in Korea as it is a slightly different quality/texture of poster) of one of the members. The catch was you either had to be an Innisfree member or pay with a foreign card.

Simple enough right? My local branch is the one in Yeonnam and I thought that as it was small it wouldn’t be so packed. But then at the same time it is within a close proximity to the heart of Hongdae so I decided to not take risks. Ignoring the torrential downpour as I left my house I set out at 9:30am to get there for about 9:45.

And it was a good thing I did! As I got there there was already a sizeable queue that was looping around the corner of the store. My predictions were indeed correct – this was going to be a popular branch!

In the end I was in store for an hour. As I got to the till, they announced that the poster for Kang Daniel (centre of the group and post popular amongst older female fans) had just ran out. Bum. But at least they still had Yoon Jisung, my favourite member, and I plumped for my third choice; the dangerous Park Woojin! Maybe before work on Monday I will check to see if they have restocked more of Daniel. In the meantime, enjoy the video here!