It is some more Korean Pop music experiences for you all! This weekend I went on my monthly excursion to see Kpop/rock group DAY6 (from JYP Entertainment) for their #EveryDAY6 project. I did both shows this month as April’s focus was Jae (who is my favourite member) and also because it is my Birthday month! They switched things up this month by pulling an elabourate April Fools prank on fans at the Saturday concert involving the members wearing masks of themselves and helping out with the ticket sales, reward stamp collection and queuing process outside! No-one really clocked that it was them until they explained what they did during the encore stage! They did a V app video too close to the time of the beginning of the concert but at that point everyone in the queue was getting ready to go in so noone was watching it (plus there were no wifi in that corner of Hongdae/Hapjeong/Sangsu). Funny as I remember thinking that it was weird that this month there were a lot more guys at the front desk but I didn’t think much of it at that point. So I was served by members themselves! In this video its more of the Encore footing from both days with me getting up close and personal with crazy Jae and YoungK plus getting hi-fives from Sungjin and Wonpil, with cutie maknae Dowoon dancing on stage. Enjoy, look forward to their Apil songs (they are great this month) and support DAY6! You can be sure that after February, March and April, I will be back again for May!