A new edition of S2S Chat for you all! So last month I was actually interviewed on Simply Kpop. Simply Kpop is a music show that airs on Korea’s Arirang TV and is touted as an English Language Kpop Music show specifically for international fans, airing every Friday Afternoon KST.

I have been to watch the recordings of Simply Kpop many times before (mainly to see Snuper who I love a lot, everyone should check them out and also see the unboxing video I did for them previously for their latest mini album) but this time I was able to get into a recording for DAY6 who were promoting their April single for their EveryDAY6 releases. Not only was I able to go in and see them for a music show recording (which, although seeing them many times in concert, was something that I had not done yet but wanted to do) but I was able to get up close and personal with my bias member, Jae, who greeted me! Yes, I am alive. I don’t know how, but I am still alive!

I was also interviewed by Eli from U-Kiss later on in the recording for a segment that they have every week where they speak to a random audience member about a particular theme. For me it was Spring songs and what songs make me think about sping and of course, Spring in Korea = Busker Busker! It was fun to sing and chill with him also! Hope you all like the vid and if you did, don’t forget to subscribe to Soul to Seoul!