People often mess up their first date because of rude questions. Sometimes, people are not even aware if they have asked a rude question. Sometimes there are cultural differences or the person was brought up in a family where nothing is considered as rude. For example in South Korea it is pretty normal to ask age of a person that you just met (first meeting). However, in some countries this question is not welcomed especially if you are a girl.

Therefore I made this video to find out rude questions often people ask on the first date. I was surprised most people said that they are often asked about the number of previous relationships they had. Even many people know that it is pretty rude but curiosity always beats us. Sometimes people are not rude but out of nervousness they end up asking questions that they should not to ask.

I know this video is not enough and there could be many other questions that people might have faced. Also I was not able to cover all countries. Because it could be different in different countries. For example I met some girls from UAE and I asked about dating. The girl mentioned there is no dating in their country and everything is arranged by parents. So I guess there is much more to explore or learn. Therefore, I would really appreciate if you could add to those questions or other rude things considered on the first date. Thank you so much for reading.