Had a pretty awesome rooftop party for my friend Kyle as he is getting married. We celebrated with an amazing view from the rooftop of their place in Noryangin Seoul. What an amazing view it was! Wish we had more parties up there as it was a great view of the 63 building in Yeouido as well as the Trump Towers. (They usually have an amazing view of the annual fireworks festival along the Han River from their place.) At first I had no idea that there were any Trump towers here in Korea let alone 2 of them right in Yeouido. Never the less we still had a great time. Barbecuing some good hot dogs and steaks. Cannot get much better than this! Best time to be outside in Korea is right now. September is the perfect weather month here in Korea. Nice and cool and don’t have to wear much clothes to keep warm or stay cool. I love it! I wish to have more parties like this one in the future but unfortunately they will be moving and we’ll no longer have that rooftop access.  Wish we had roof top access. I’d be out there every day filming or doing some exercise and just enjoying the view. I wish my friend Kyle and his wife the very best! May there future be a fun adventure to share with each other for the rest of their lives! I can now welcome him into the married life club!