Women proposing to men is still such a special thing, even in 2018 altough I think this should be considered more normal in modern times. Since I (the guy) got turned down with my first proposal I hesitated to propose to my Korean wife a second time, so she took over the initiative and proposed to me on my 30th birthday. I didn’t see it coming at all and therefore it was even a bigger surprise to me. She practised a dance together with my friends, prepared some cards with cute little messages and at the end she asked me in front of my friends, if I want to marry her! I can say without hesitation, that this was one of the best day in my life!

If you want to see, how to propose to boyfriend or how to propose to a man in general, please watch my wives first Youtube video. I really don’t understand, why women proposing is still rare and ask the 4 magic words: “Will you marry me?”

There are so many romantic ways to propose, doesn’t matter if men nor women, so if you are looking for marriage proposal ideas, here is one you can get an inspiration from 🙂 For me personally one of the best marriage proposals ever, but yeah, since I am the lucky guy who got proposed by his girlfriend it is easy to say for me.

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