Hello again, coffee lovers! πŸ™‚

Could you count all those cute coffee shops in Seoul and around? Recently we have visited quite a few lovely cafes and vlogged some of our visits, as you might have already noticed ^^”

This time we have decided to go all the way up to the northern part of Seoul subway lines, Uijeongjbu city. It is connected to Seoul Subway system but is already considered to be a part of Gyeonggi-do area. Agata was being genuinely silly, not knowing that Gyeonggi meant all areas around Seoul, not only the south Seoul area.

We could not decide if we want to eat or have drinks, but since we did not have breakfast before going out, we decided to do both – eat brunch at first and get our drinks, which were more like a dessert afterward. In addition, we even got Americano as service! Korea and its service are the best!

It was the first time going to Uijeongbu and we both agreed that the feeling of its main street was somewhat similar to the one in Daegu! As much as we have expected Uijeongbu, to be calm, half-empty area, it was crowded, full of people, various shops and even live music!

Have you ever been to Uijeongbu? Make sure to visit Baked Alaska if you even have a chance to be there. Their cocktails are Bomb!

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