Happy 2018.
New Year’s means party time. Party means a lot of drinking and eating. Many girls make this resolution that I am going to lose weight this year. But before that I am sure that many girls will ask their boyfriends, “Am I fat”? Have I gained weight? And so on.
This question could be very complicated because sometimes guys do not know how to respond. Or sometimes they do try to respond but end up upsetting their girlfriends. Therefore, I tried to interview people in Itaewon station about how to handle that questions.
So I basically I asked two questions.
To guys: How do you usually respond to this question or how do you handle this question?
To girls: What kind of answer to do you expect guys to give you.
Some of the answers were very interesting. However, Most of the girls said that they want to hear their boyfriend tell them that they are beautiful and sexy no matter what. There was just one girl out of the many interviews who mentioned that she want an honest answer.
There was on girl who said that girls sometimes don’t want an answer or reaction. They just want the guy to listen to them.
Am I fat? May be it doesn’t have a right or wrong answer but it is worth looking and understanding. The answer cold hurt your girlfriend or encourage her to love you more and live an active and healthy life.
If you happen to watch this video. Please do let me know what you guys think.