This past weekend, three members of our ottoKWORLD team, Rachel, Eleanor, and Lisa, headed off to Gyeongbok Palace in downtown Seoul to see the beautiful autumn leaves on the palace grounds. Not only did we visit the palace, but we also got the chance to dress up in gorgeous hanbok! We are a team of young professionals, living, working, and studying in Korea, and we’re going to be bringing you fun content about exploring and living in Korea.

Some of the big draws of the palace are the beautiful lake and pavilion areas, as well as the intricate decorative paintings on pillars and buildings. We only show a small portion of the palace grounds in our video. If you come and visit, we highly recommend you spend lots of time exploring the palace grounds and see for yourself how lovely it is. On the weekends, and at other times, you can also catch Korean folk singing, jultagi (tight-rope walking), and many other talented performances. Another main attraction is the throne room, with the elevated Phoenix Throne. The National Folk Museum of Korea and is also located right next to the palace grounds. If you’re coming to Seoul (or are already in Korea), make sure to stop by and visit Gyeongbok Palace!